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Chrome Lined Barrels Vs Non-Chrome Lined Barrels

Posted by Bobby Gray on

       There has always been a debate on choosing a barrel that is chrome-lined or not; some of these myths include barrel wear and accuracy. Chrome lined barrels are typically more expensive than non-chrome lined barrels and depending on what type of shooting you are going to do, depends on what type of barrel should be chosen.

        Chrome-lined barrels provide better protection from barrel wear and erosion. On top of that, they are a hell of a lot easier to clean. They offer better protection for rapid fire scenarios and will typically last longer than non-chrome lined barrels. However, they are less accurate than non-chrome lined barrels. This is due to the once sharp lands and groves that are covered by the lining. Taking in the consideration on barrel length, twist rate and bullet weight; chrome lined barrels can see an accuracy drop of about 1/8” – 1/4” MOA @ 100 yards. This may not seem like a lot, but again, this depends on the type of shooting you are going to do. Keeping in mind that for every 100 yards you go out, your MOA will increase by 1”.

YARDS MOA Accuracy Difference in MOA
100 1” ¼”
200 2” ½”
300 3” ¾”
400 4” 1”
500 5” 1 ¼”
600 6” 1 ½”
700 7” 1 ¾”
800 8” 2”

        So by taking the maximum ¼” MOA @ 100 yards, you could be off by 1” @ 400 yards. Now not saying a chrome lined barrel is or is not Sub-MOA, there are many factors that play into the barrel itself. The barrel could already be shooting ½” MOA at 100 yards to begin with. The chrome lining could be playing a factor in that accuracy.

        This is when I have to ask what is your preference in shooting? If you are going to be doing 20 mag dumps in 5 minutes, then the chrome lined barrel is what you want. For precision shooting or the 200 rounds a range day shooter, save the money and get a non-chrome lined barrel.